Asha Pabla

Asha Pabla began working in the fashion and textile design industry over 30 years ago. She has held such roles as fabric and textile manager at Pressman-Gutman, senior manager at Milliken & Company, and fashion designer at Liz Claiborne, and she has a proven record of overseeing the production of high-quality fabrics. Her talent in the field earned her a series of quick promotions at many of the manufacturing firms she worked for, along with repeated recognitions for unique designs and fabric choices. Asha Pabla earned her bachelor’s degree in interior and textile design at the Philadelphia University College of Science & Textiles.

Ms. Pabla’s passion for design and art extends beyond her professional work and into her hobbies. She loves collecting handmade jewelry, particularly pieces made by women in developing countries, and collects global and contemporary art; she owns several pieces from the artist M.F. Husain.

In addition to her interest in art and design, Asha Pabla is an avid traveler. She has visited Brazil, India, and several countries in Europe and enjoys trying local food during her trips. An active individual, she also spends her free time playing tennis and skiing. Her favorite place to ski is the Rustler Lodge in Alta.

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